Tears Within 

Tears Within

Feelings of all kinds

Linger within me, the tears deep

Within reach beyond

Any feeling or expression.

They are there to remind me of my weaknesses, 

My sorrows,

The happiness of life

And the joy it brings.

They arise at times

Out of no where,

For reasons unknown.

They linger, 

All the time deep

Within my spirit

Just waiting for the time

To be needed.


Life’s little expression from within

That glistens from without.

Life’s Warm Glow

If you’ve ever seen

A beautiful sunset

Then you know it’s

Not seeing its warmth,

But letting yourself

Dream and feel its glow.

It holds spirits, 


Memories that rekindle

Every time you’d find yourself

Drifting away into its

Magnificent glory.

A sunset is nothing

Short of a warm loving

Moment that you forget

About life and its sorrows, 

It’s shortcomings.

It’s there to remind us all

Of life’s treasures

And beauty.

Alabaster Dreams

Alabaster Dreams

in the transparent black night,
my pumpkin drives away
over hills and out of sight
off into the distance

in these timeless moments,
my glass slipper shatters
splinters and shatters
into a million shards

though the dancing was divine,
the ball is over now
and the clock has chimed a dozen times:
the enchantment has gone

yet susurrus of hope, like waves in a seashell
waft leisurely through the air
for i know
my fairy godmother will come again