8 Things to Consider When You’re Not Getting Better

Therese J. Borchard

armonkmed.comI keep getting the same email over and over again, and my heart aches each time I read it: “I have tried everything to overcome my depression, but nothing has helped. Is there anything else I can do or will I have to live the rest of my life plagued with sadness?”

First, hear these three words: there is hope. If there wasn’t any, I would not be alive writing my blog. I am one of the worst cases out there like you are. I have spent more years of my life fantasizing about death than wanting to be alive. I get it. But now I do enjoy some really good days—where I feel better than I ever have. And those good days keep me motivated to get through the harder ones. From my own 43 years of experience fighting the demon of hopelessness and from all my conversations…

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Begging for Relief

In the middle of those dark hours of lonely nights filled with pain 

and despair, and sorrowful litanies, 

my heart does borrow from tomorrow’s hunger 

trying to gain some freedom from all suffering 

when the moon darkens overhead; 

I am  all alone with my fears and tears falling down from my eyes…​ 

When will my body, and soul be  free from pain and deep dark dismay, 

of depression?

When will Allah grant me the moment of joy and peacefulness,​ strength without self doubt ?

When will prayers become easy-flowing from my heart and lips?

Allah grant me ease from my suffering make my faith stronger than before 

I beg you, for I am your humble servant , following the religion to the  best of my ability .