Want to Lessen Your Depression? Help Someone

Therese J. Borchard

P2180214Dr. Karl Menninger, the famous psychiatrist, was once asked following a lecture on mental health: “What would you advise a person to do, if that person felt a nervous breakdown coming on?”

Most people thought he would say: “Consult a psychiatrist.”

But he didn’t. He surprised everyone when he replied: “Leave your house, find someone in need and do something to help that person.”

I know this is going to upset folks. When I posted it on my Facebook page, the reviews weren’t so nice. One woman said that hearing things like this makes her feel worse because it is as though Menninger is saying that she’s depressed because she’s self-absorbed. Another person was angry at me because he thought that spreading this kind of horse poop online deepens and thickens the stigma that we have to work so hard against.

I get that.

For six years I experienced suicidal thoughts…

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Five day ,five photo challenge day one blast from the past

I didn’t grow up in a house, I grew up moving around in a bus ,

When I was a kid I never ask what time it was when I woke up I was asked where are we ? 

I have lived in 48 states , some states are friendlier than other states.

The bus we lived in was retrofitted with a stove, fridge ,kitchen table ,counter ,beds and the toilet, as well as storage places for clothes and other things ! Each thing had its  had its own place.

We could set up or breakdown camp in under 10 minutes.

Below is a picture of two of  the buses we  lived in.

  One has built has bedrooms built on top and the other is newly acquired.

He Who Makes No Mistakes, Makes Nothing


السلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم

Arabic proverb2

Just my poor thought!

How many mistakes we have done in our life?
How often we do mistakes?
Are we afraid to do the mistakes?
Can we get lessons from the mistakes?

Those are simple questions about mistakes. I often hear by my ears, the people’s minds in doing something. They often say, “Do your job correctly! Make perfect in your work! Avoid the mistakes in your job!” I also often hear a few parents say and ask to their children, “Why do you do this mistake? Be a nice son! Don’t be naughty! Do it, well! You must get 100 for your exams!” and so on.
Whereas many inventors invented their inventions by accidentally and coming from their mistakes. I will share a few of them:

1. Thomas Alva Edison
If he didn’t do his experiment till 1000 times, the world…

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Happy Daylight Savings! And New Therapist and Doctor Referral Group

Therese J. Borchard

Unknown-5Happy Daylight Savings Day! I know I always feel better once this day arrives … the beginning of Spring to come.

Also, I wanted to let folks know that we now have a Doctor and Therapist Referrals section (group) on Project Beyond Blue (now over 2200 members!). When Beyond Blue Foundation has the resources, I’d like to have a more sophisticated database or system. But this is a good beginning–a way to exchange information and opinions about healthcare professionals.

This is SO important to recovery from severe depression and other mood disorders. I had to try seven psychiatrists before I found a good one. Part of the mission of Beyond Blue Foundation is to assist a person in getting the RIGHT kind of help, so I think this kind of tool–hopefully a better system coming–will go far.

Thanks, and happy beginning of Spring!


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