Mon Mari

Mon Mari

What dire steadfast from love causes sprigs,

I sing-

This verse to Brian! 

It is due:


Even God himself may vouchsafe to view.

Slight is the subject, 

But not the praise,

That he inspire to stealing my virginal haze.

Say what strange motive, 

My God! 

Could compel,

A well-bred man to attract this shy belle?

That is: 

What stranger cause, 

Yet unexplored,

Could make this virgin not reject, 

My lord?

In his tasks so bold, 

And I still did so engage,

And in soft news dwells such our wonderful love rage.

So I through white curtains shot timorous ray,

And opened were my eyes that most eclipse day.

Moments within was created a gift of nine months shake,

But now sleepless lovers, 

By choice, 

Lay awake.

Bound were two hearts;

 A baby came to ground,

And we pressed together to hear the joyous sound.


By soft transition, 

We prepare

From earthly vehicles to life’s new air

Dream Out Loud

Dream Out Loud
The sun is dark 

The stars are in thrown recklessly in front of me 

Time isn’t I call out your name 

But only the moon can reply 

I lay on the sky where only thoughts of you 

Fill me images of others 

Fly on by while I stay thinking of you