A Soul Undecided

A Soul Undecided
I look into my eyes 

Cant help but to cry 

Why cant you tell that they’re not my own 

The girl I see in the reflection 

Who could she be 

Am I her 

Or is she me 

Or perhaps 

I am not meant to be 

Maybe shes here for a reason 

To take over my life and call it her own 

Or perhaps 

I’m the one taking hers 

Maybe I’m just an onlooker 

All I know is that these eyes are not mine 

When I look into them I cant help but cry 

I see a soul torn between two worlds 

Which will it choose Reality or fantasy

Sentimental Day

Sentimental Day
If only I understood 

If only the world were simpler 

If only life made sense 

I would be able to succeed 

There would be no hate, 

No anger I wouldn’t be so confused 

If only a heart were less complex 

If only I were a stronger person 

If only the right thing was easy 

All the if only’s in the world won’t help 

But I still have to try to live, 

To understand, 

To succeed

None knows

None knows
Sing me a song…

Sing to my soul
Sooth my heart…

Take me away
Say you love me…

Say it to my soul
So many reasons..

Why I love this world
Why this breeze keep touching me
Why this moon hides behind clouds
I wish if you knew ..

And tell me
So I would watch them..

Like I watch you
Rain drops inthe backyard on me
Roses blossom in the garden for me

Why would it happen..,

Would you tell me

So I will keep them mine..

Like you
Is it love..

If so where is it taking me
Is it going to last forever..

I wish so

Why does it all happen…

I guess neither I know…

Nor you
To say all my gratitude
To whom shall I say all my gratitude
To this world,

Told me truth and lies

To my loved ones,

 Who showed me all

To whom shall I say all my gratitude
Was it an endless journey or a deep ocean

Still to see..

Where it all ends.

Times shows it all..

Crib to the crunches

The pain..


Love and sex
To whom shall I say all my gratitude

To that womb brought me here

To the fathers whom me and friends never saw

To whom shall I say all my gratitude

I am at the top of the hill

I am in the deepest ocean

To finally say all my gratitude

To whomever all that belongs to..

The Sky

The Sky
It feels as if the time has flown by, 

As I lie down and stare into the sky. 

Not knowing what time has past,

 I know that this image is going to last. 

To see the beautiful birds fly by, 

It’s so peaceful i want to cry. 

The tears I shed now are only of happiness, 

but one day I know that those tears are going to make me think they are full of crappy mess