You know how it feels to be rejected so why would you do such a terible thing, 

You say you never ment to hurt me,
And yet you act as if you and I were never together
You make me sick now when I think about you
You also make me happy I can’t stand what you’ve
Done to make me feel this way I could never
Forgive you for what you have done I would never
Let you back into my heart if it wasn’t for you’r
Sweet kind thoughts that you have sunk into my mind
That now live there and don’t wanna move out
Your kind gental words keep me up at night
And the thought of being able to see you the next day

Makes me wanna fall asleep faster,
I can’t figure out what you have done to me but,

 I think I am getting a hint you have torn my heart
Inside and out and made it bleed uncontrolably,
You say you wanna stay and yet you come up with exuses everytime we
Get closer,

 Tell me what I can do to make you happy and I will
I loved you once I love you still And in my heart I always will.