This is my love

This is my love


They are on earth

My love has just awaken

This chill around and goose pimple all over

I am in love…

Oh I am in love

Always knew them by love songs

Felt they only live in love stories

As the breeze touches me so special

I knew love is more than all

My heart beats as the phone sings

His voice takes oceans over oceans

This longing for moments to be together

And they go so fast like it’s he first time

I regret, 

Why did I waited so long

Should have been in love since I remember me

This is my world…

This is my life…

And this just my love…


When I Woke Up
I woke up to an empty space
That place where I would see your face
The pillow cold, the covers neat
Our big old dog lay at my feet…
…Waiting for me to get up.

I got up to an empty space
I made my coffe in the same old place
Your cup sits empty in the cupboard there
On the counter some breakfast we used to share…
…I cannot eat.

I walked out to an empty space
I drew a smile upon my face
But deep inside my heart would cry
Sometimes so bad I thought I’d die…
…and I do.