Know me and despair
It is me;

The terrible
Empty void that cannot
Care about you

Or your pains.
Know me and know a life
Bereft of joy,

Free from

And full only
Of desperate attempts at
The Eternal Death that
Awaits all.

Suicide is the only option
For when you know me…

You shall pray
Let me die,”

And I shall grant you this.

Star of Desire

Star of Desire
You’re my desire,

Like the warmth of a fire.

You warm my soul

When life seems

Out of control.

You give birth to my smile

If even for a while.

Your touch is healing

And done with such feeling.

You’re my lifelong friend,

No matter what

And no matter when.

You’re my day and my night

Like a star shining forever bright.

You’re the reason I live,

And the one that always forgives.

You’re my heart and my soul,

And together we are ;whole”.

Hopes Bridge

Feelings have no limits.

Hearts have no boundaries,

Like the stars and the moon.

Every day of my life

Whether close or away,

My dreams and hopes

Are made real with

The thought of you.

Intense feelings flow

From the depths of

My soul for you.

Even with the miles

That divide us,

A beautiful bridge is

Always there for us.

This bridge is our bond,

No matter what,

No matter where…..

Locked in the dark

As I try to sleep

My eyes find no rest.

With visions in my head

Of past and present.

Waiting for the hour,

When at last, the thoughts

End and nocturnal mess subsides.

At last my world is dark

With serenity and warmth.

Dreams of childhood run through

My unawakened mind.

Keeping me locked in this

Save sleep for a time.

Day awakens me to life’s

Newness to replay the scenario

Over and over and over. . .

Stream of Dreams

Days are like dreams,

Full of visions.

Some are, it seems,

Of peaceful streams.

So serene and strong,

Flowing vibrantly.

But before long

The stream is dry.

Dreams become real

With dim colors of life.

Forever to conceal

The visions true meaning.

Flowing through your mind

To awake your senses.

Opening your eyes,

From the blindness

And letting them see that

Life can be gentle and kind.


I sit and I wonder. 

I Think and I cry.

How did this happen ?

Someone please tell me why.

Often I did feel you near, 

When you started to slip my head filled with tears.

When they told me the news I shook in fear, 

Fear of living not of dying , 

Fear of joy not of crying, 

Fear of talking not of shouting.

I couldn’t help but remember the joy you bring, 

Brought I should say since now you lay.

Once, a great while ago,

In which this time did not go slow I thought I had you for forever, 

This can no longer be as one trigger is pulled by an absent minded killer 

Cold enough to make anyone shiver.

Because of this I can no longer dream of a family in which I can no longer see.

When I hear your name my mind starts spinning, 

Confusion and hate, 

Life and fate, 

Someone’s love given a day to late , 

Maybe a minute for all we know, 

One life taken just for show ?

What happened that night, 

I wish I knew as the rain began to fall one face turned blue.

One story told,

Before the seasons turned cold. 

Hot summer nights can no longer be,

Do you remember the love you gave to me ?

Liebster Award a second time

liebster3As salam Alikum Readers

I got nominated for a liebster award thanks to Rayeesa Tabassum, please check out her nice  blog A Muslimah’s writings

Here are the rules :



1. How do you find time for blogging? When I can’t sleep I write
2. What is the best part about blogging? Expressing my thoughts
3. What did you gain from your blog? A place to express my emotions its a outlet
4. What do you wish to gain from your blog in future? Maybe I’ll turn it into a paperback book.
5. What marketing/promoting tips worked for you best? Still learning on this , use Facebook and twitter
6. Which are your favorite Islamic blogs? I have to choose? There are so many good blogs I can’t choose , sorry I read them all.
7. What have been your biggest achievements in the field of writing? Still waiting for that to happen
8. What is your aim in life? To raise well behaved happy Muslim children
9. What are your favorite Muslim magazines, publications and websites? Oh no not again! I read them all , I don’t choose favorites, I love reading .
10. Who are your favorite Muslim authors? I can’t choose , I will say that I’ll read any book once .
11. What is one advice you want to give to newbie bloggers? Keep going even when it doesn’t seem like you have a following.

11 random facts:

  1. I was born in a truck stop
  2. I moved a lot as a child and teen
  3. I use to live in a bus
  4. I’ve worked in farms and orchards
  5. I’m short
  6. I have dyslexia
  7. I didn’t have a tv gowning up
  8. I will read any book once
  9. I taught myself how to bake at 5 years old
  10. I went to culinary school
  11. I have lived in three different countries and 48 of the 50 united states

I am nominating the following 11 blogs

Beyond Iddah

The Secret Hijabi


The Inquisitive Mind

Thoughts of an American Hijabi

Rekindling The Flame Of Imaan

The Revert Miyabhai

Muslim Mummy

Islam – My Choice



My 11 Questions are;

  1. How many countries have you lived in?
  2. How many states have you lived in?
  3. Do you like to cook?
  4. What are you afraid of?
  5. Do you read book?
  6. What was your very first job?
  7. How many sisters do you have?
  8. How many brothers do you have?
  9. Have you lost a loved one?
  10. Have you ever had surgery?
  11. Can you Crochet?


My Little Sister

My Little Sister

She is an amazing thing to watch in her daily life.

Like a flower opening up to the early morning sun.

Always questioning why and trying to understand.

How can something so small in size,

Be so many things at once?

She can be my playmate

And she can be my enemy;

She can be so funny

And at the same time make me so mad;

She can be the perfect angel,

Doing as she’s told;

And she can be a little devil,

Trying to act so old.

She follows me around,

Trying to match my every step.

But one day soon,

I’ll be the one who follows her,

Making sure that her every step is safe.

Finally at night,

When she’s a sleeping her bed,

I look down at her and quietly say,

“She’s just my little sister…”.

Blue Chasing

Blue Chasing

Been on this earth,

For a good many years

I’ve seen good and bad,

In this veil of tears

Every day I learn something new

About people and things,

And I’m seldom blue

But when I do feel a little sad

As though life has really treated me bad

I go for a walk,

To renew my zing

And before I know it,

I start to sing

Ignoring the glances,

Brought on by my song

I just smile and keep singing,

As I walk along

How sad that the grave serious crowd

So deep in thought, their heads all bowed

Aren’t in on the secret that brings me cheer

I just sing away all doubt and fear

So if you’re burdened down with care

Just try walking and singing,

Soon you’ll be walking on air.

Life Is No Joke

Life Is No Joke
Life is no joke especially if you drink

Or smoke 

Or even go out in the cold with no coat 

So you should think twice 

And get on a boat that will take you 

As far as your life will float 

To higher levels were people will go 

Right not left 

Up not down 

To stand on solid ground 

And don’t look down 

Because the word gets around that when you get on a boat life is no joke

Tears Within 

Tears Within

Feelings of all kinds

Linger within me, the tears deep

Within reach beyond

Any feeling or expression.

They are there to remind me of my weaknesses, 

My sorrows,

The happiness of life

And the joy it brings.

They arise at times

Out of no where,

For reasons unknown.

They linger, 

All the time deep

Within my spirit

Just waiting for the time

To be needed.


Life’s little expression from within

That glistens from without.

Life’s Warm Glow

If you’ve ever seen

A beautiful sunset

Then you know it’s

Not seeing its warmth,

But letting yourself

Dream and feel its glow.

It holds spirits, 


Memories that rekindle

Every time you’d find yourself

Drifting away into its

Magnificent glory.

A sunset is nothing

Short of a warm loving

Moment that you forget

About life and its sorrows, 

It’s shortcomings.

It’s there to remind us all

Of life’s treasures

And beauty.