No More Storms

No More Storms

The clouds came rolling into our lives.
Just like a clap of sudden thunder,
They took you away from me.
The lightning struck at our hearts and split them into little pieces.
The downpour came from falling tears.
The sun would be slow at breaking through the days of torrential rain
The rays would take their time reaching the drenched soil of life.
But as the seasons changed, the tide turned
As spring blossoms broke, so would the healing.
As the crocus broke the blanket of snow
Your hand reached out in forgiveness.
As the daffodil smiled your face glowed with knowledge of coming home.
By the time the tulip awakes,
The world will know
When the lily shines through you will be home
And there will be no more storms. 










14 thoughts on “No More Storms

  1. Beautifully written mashAllah, storms do clear up eventually, I loved how you used flower names, I was imagining the different flowers all the way 🙂

  2. Sounds really metaphysical sort of writing — I’ve studied writing these kinds of poems, quite hard to decipher unless you can identify them correctly.

  3. Storm makes you stronger enough to face this world.
    There is calm after every storm you know.
    It’s difficult to write something like this, kudos to you❤
    Lovely read!

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