Darkened Mind

Darkened Mind
Dreams are those of humankind,
To display the fears within the mind.
Dark visions within the mist,
Pounding your skull like an iron fist.
Fingers grip an untold pain,
As the dreams turn your mind insane.
White rooms and hellish screams,
Blood flowing from padded beams.
To form the words you often find,
Within the child’s darkened mind.


I am blessed to be alive

I am blessed to work and strive.

I am blessed to breath and talk.

I am blessed to move and walk.

I am blessed to have a child,

A baby boy who is cute and wild.

He comforts me with all his joy,

And he will always be my boy.

I am blessed to help others,

Especially those like me who are

Lonely mothers.

I am blessed to dance, jump, and sing

I am blessed to do almost anything.

Thank you God for blessing me.
Happy birthday to my little monkey boy