I Refuse To Go Down

I Refuse To Go Down
You know, looking back on my life; there is over a million things,
That you would think I would of wanted to change.
But now that I look back on it,
I would not have changed one thing!
For I have learned the hard way,
That if I did not go through what I have,
I would not be who I am today!
If I had to go through all the abuse again,
Seeing all the blood and tears, I’d gladly do it again
I know alot of you must think I am insane,
But without the bad, you can’t have the good.
Everything I have been through,
Is the same as most serial killers have been through,
The only difference between me and them are,
I have a very strong willed soul.
I guess I refused to let my experiences get to me,
And twist me insane, rather I chose to become;
A stronger person inside!