Hijab PatternsĀ 

As Salam Alikum readers 

Below are some links from YouTube for sewing your own hijab patterns, 

When it comes to wearing hijab I personally prefer one piece pull on and go hijabs as I am busy with small children and dislike pins as I always seem to poke myself with them .

The patterns are free on YouTube so I’m sharing a few.



Enjoy will in sha Allah post other patterns for Islamic clothing soon 

Tough Stain Remover

September 5, 2015Stain remover

Soak clothing in vinegar for three hours. 

Mix salt ,baking soda ,blue Dawn dish liquid and hydrogen peroxide into paste

Apply paste on both sides of garment and let sit overnight and then wash in machine.

If stain  still appears reapply the paste and let sit for a few hours or overnight and then rewash until stain is gone, tough stains may take you a few times to completely remove .

Can also use mixture to remove stains on stove top and counters just apply paste and let sit until dry then wipe down with damp cloth.