Time Timed

Time Timed

If I could just stop time would I
No, I think I would question why
And wonder why we want to freeze
All that today puts us at ease
But in frozen time comfort will rust
Trapped moments are no more than dust.
If I could buy more time, would I
No, I think I would question why
And wonder why we want to lengthen
A cord that only use can strengthen
No more no less, what is. . .is right
Because Time can never cure hindsight
Can speed have a speed…or Time be timed.
Can thoughts in my head be really mimed.
When the wine entered my head i chimed…..
Everything if not reasoned is RHYMED



“Allah does not delay a matter except

for Khair (goodness), and He does not

forbid a matter to you except for Khair,

and He does not send down upon you a

trial except for Khair; so do not be sad,

for the Lord of Khair doesn’t come with

anything except Khair.”


It’s A Shame

It’s A Shame

The circle is falling round us,

Creatures are weeping near us,

Don’t you think it’s a shame?

Growing flowers are crying,

Pain is crawling in the skin,

Don’t you think it’s a shame?

Materialistic things seem more important than people,

Isnt this a shame?

Casting stones, cruelty to innocence ,

Whats going on in the world?

The world is changing to the worst war field ever seen to man,

Is that a shame?

It’s not the world’s fault,

It’s the things that live within the world,

It’s the people.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking
Silver stars and a golden moon
Abound on a highway of northern lights
Diamonds sparkle on ocean waves
And make me yearn with dreams and sighs
Wishing, hoping for dreams to come true
To turn back the chapters till I met you
Will we always pine for what is not
And what will never be again?


They tell me one is dangerous. 

They tell me two is Flirty. 

They tell me three holds awkwardness. 

They tell me four is dirty.

 They tell me five is crowded, 

Of these things I’m not sure… 

To me they are just numbers, 

And nothing any more.



You gave me life

After nine months of wandering

You gave me happiness when you smiled your loving smile

You helped me up when I fell down

And stayed there to listen

When my world was spinning around

You watched me grow

Year by year you let me know what life was all about

And all the happy times we’ve shared together

I’ll never forget as long as I live…

I’m glad that God gave you to me to be…

My Mother…..

I love you