Sweet December Warming

Sweet December Warming

There was the snow ice melting kisses chilly against the pink of our cheeks

There was the sky sleepy night watching bundled lovers play

There we romped rolling holding laughing together in a deep world of white

There was the love burning tender of lips pressed warming our cold rosy noses


I love you !

I love you !

A lot know I do
Do I care? No

Lost a lot,

But I don’t care
I Love you !

You make me wonder
I want you badly

You don’t know me
I Love you !

You’re my sunshine
You make me smile

I fancy you too much
I Love you !

That’s all that matters
That’s all I have to say

My One and Only

My One and Only

If I could tell you how I really feel,

Life would be so much better.

If you only knew the true

Depth of the feelings in my burning heart,

Maybe you would see.


I know,

I”m thorn in your hide,

And then I get lost

And trapped in those deep brown black eyes.

This inconsequential piece is just to let you know,

That the affections

That burn so hot and deep in you are equally felt by me;

Even if I never say so.

Why Love Is So Hard 

Why Love Is So HardLove so hard it is like loving your self

Like but try to take over you life and then

It come so hard that it make forget every

Thing and it make you seam like love is so

Far when in fact is so close to you and all

You have to do is reach out and touch it but

You know you can’t touch it because you know

You should feel it in fact can anyone tell

If in fact that they are in love or in fact

If they can feel it my why is that love is

So hard that I always break down and cry

Because what is love please someone tell me

What love is is it hard to love or so hard

To give love my love is hard



Like a tulips awesome bloom in a warm

 Spring morning’s sunshine, 

Your love opens my heart to a love so divine. 

Our souls share this intense connection, 

Joining them as one gives total protection. 

Pure magic created inside my body and soul, 

When I feel your touch, 

I am finally whole. 

In a world where nothing is as it seems,

Is it really you, 

The man of my dreams? 

I hold my breath, 

Anxious and waiting.

To be with you always, 

Without any cover or hesitating. 

Your words are my pillar that keep me strong, 

Through thick and through thin, 

I promise to hold on. 

When I look in your eyes, 

I see my own reflection,

Staring back at me, 

Staring back at you,

Full of love and total conviction 

So you ask, 

“What is it that you see?” 

I respond 

“I see all of you and with you I feel privileged to be!”

Bitter Night

Bitter Night

The wind moans forlornly through the trees. 

Dog wails, 

Grieving his missing master.

 An owl calls,

 But is not answered. 

A lone coyote howls into the night. 

And then in the ensuing silence, 

Even the cold dispassionate moon 

Hides its face from the grieving widow 

And from the icy avalanche grave.

Casino Nights

Casino Nights
Bells ringing,
Music singing,
People dancing on the floor.
Winning games,
Losing games,
Your money is no more.
What to tell your wife,
When you lied before?
My money is no more.
Kids’ education,
Along with all our future vacations,
I gambled it all away.
Understand that I was trying to hit
That million dollar jackpot
For the kids!