The Beat Of My Heart

My heart beats for you, if only it’ll come true .
If you would only comfort me , and ease my pain.
I could breathe I would be born again.
With each beat of my heart I yearn for you.
With a few small words and things could of been different……..
And with each beat of my heart I regret losing you.
Each beat brings me pain,reminds me you are not near.
Arms outreached, for you



I am your shadow
You can hear my footsteps
Echoing softly behind you
Sometimes I may glance at your fiery eyes
But it’s rare that I’m ahead of you
I walk many steps behind
Because I’ve fallen
And no one was there to help me up
So I walk in humble silence
Ideally my footprint fits into yours
And lest you turn around
And throw a careless glance
At the earth that you tread upon
You won’t see any trace of my footprints
Because you’re too wrapped up
In your own thoughts; oblivious to me
One day my footsteps will overlap yours
And you’ll realize it
And you’ll be my shadow