Couldn’t love you

Couldn’t love you

I….love youuuuuu 

Yes, I love you….but I couldn’t say it 

I miss you….but I couldn’t do it 

I just can watching you from a distance 

Keeping you in my mind 

Loving you in my heart 

You are too good to be true 

You are my dream and my happiness 

Look at your face, make me feel so warm inside 

Look at your smile, make my heart beat so fast 

Sometimes I want to hug you 

I want to hold your hand 

and lay my head into your shoulder 

But I just couldn’t 

Loving you secretly is the way I love you 

Tears fall down from my eyes everyday 

Wound in my heart become so deep 

And I still couldn’t forget you 

But I still love you 

Till the end 

You still come to my dream every night 

You will always in my heart forever 

You will always be my sweetest dream

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