Searching ( 5)

Searching ( 5)

I’ve walked in travel and searched this land far and wide,
It’s not a bid for fame or just to seek a thrill in life,
I feel restless, a yearning that I have locked away inside,
If only to explain all yearning that sets my mind a rife,
All such beauty trapped and cannot be released within,
Then the thought of restlessness that beckons me to gratify,
With all call to tame this yearning that’s held deep down in
If this demand that is locked away could reach out to satisfy,
All heart of dreams shattered from life when I can’t foretell,
To seek all mystery would satisfy me for only such awhile,
This everlasting yearning that now curses me in all of hell,
With such a feeling mixed in a mind I can’t explain but smile,
I know a famous man once said that all life was a stage,
Each day or year of life this yearning yet turns another page.

Living LifeĀ 

When I am alone, let me be comfortable by myself

Instead of dwelling in a sea of self-hatred called loneliness
Let my time in life not be spent
Waiting passively for that right person
Stagnated by the concept, if only he were here
My life would be so different
Alone  this life I entered, in death will be the same
So between the two extremes let my alone time
Not be succumbed in pain
But a pleasant challenge, a time for me to get to know me
And if by chance I am graced with a mate
I will know who i am enough to share and not self-sacrifice
By becoming someone else’s dream of who i should be 

When Gone Is The Glory

Heartache and pain
Of what could have been
And only you know the truth
Of what is within
When gone is the glory
When gone is the fun
Is gone the worth
Of what you’ve become?
Since you’ve left me
I’ve seen much more truth
Rose colored glasses
Are gone with your rue
So when i am alone
At the end of this story
How does it feel
When gone is the glory?

As-salamo-alaikum (peace be on you)

As-salamo-alaikum (peace be on you)

The angels from the heavens sing
And the same as ordered by Allah
His faithful creatures also ring
Into the ears of their fellow kind.

This peace to which all souls incline,
This peace for which the cherubims pine,
This peace to grant which the heavens decline
To the world at large at once at a time,
Is not to a man or place confined.

When As-salamo-alaikum you say,
The seeds of love in hearts you lay,
An honour you to your brother pay,
Like fetters and chains which all in gay
To you your friends and for thus bind.

“Don’t enter houses other than yours,
Until its owner your coming endures:”
Your salute from door suspicion cures,
And an ocean of love within him roars
To bestow upon you his and mind.

Externally our peace may fail,
If internally ’tis of no avail:
Let us work sincerely whether mail or female,
And fight our way on, tooth and nail,
To eternal peace with efforts combined.’

Let our families develop rightly,
And work together in harmony quitely,
Which shall bring that long-cherished peace directly
To satisfy our souls perfectly,
A pleasure which the angels don’t find.

Envy and hatred take their root
In ugly minds in life pursuit.
A Muslim’s salute is a Muslim’s tribute
To love the gent to teach the brute
A lesson of Love highly sublimed.