You have my heart in you strong hands
You have my life in you life
You have my heart in your heart
You love me I love you then why not
You come to me and just tell me
You really love me only me
You are the one who I can’t sleep wit out
When  I open my eyes I only see your face
My heart raise to meet you only you
I am to scared to tell you that I love you
So much I can’t live with out you
You and  only you
I love you

My Past

I Kept yearning for my dreamy past
Peopled by my dear ones- all in my heart;
I kept weeping, thinking of my past
The memory of my losses, I suffered hard.
I kept reaping the wisdom from my past
My experiences that filled me to the last;
I kept weaning the sorrow from my past
My eyes to shed tears of gratitude to God;
I kept hoping in the future of my past
To make it shine in brilliance, like the stars
My future came to fuse in present the experiences of my past
The future and the present, are a fruit of my past.



What is lonesome?
Someone close
That does not hear
Just the same as not
Being there
Something lost in a fog
In a void beyond
A word lying around unspoken
Or unanswered dying, slowly dying
What is lonely?
A hallow place where nothing echos
A void of dispair
Looking for someone to show
That they care.