Someone New


Today I met someone new,
His hair is black his eyes are brown 
I  tried hard to deny this fact,
But my attention he did attract.
When I look into his eyes he’s all I see,
I wonder if he’s the man for me.
My heart jumps and skips a beat,
Whenever my eyes and his do meet.
I’m not sure if this someone new,
Has similar feelings for me too.
All I know is how I feel,
And the feelings that I feel are real.
When someone new comes into your life,
You wonder if he’ll make you his wife.
After a few years have passed,
I hope I’m the one who makes him laugh.
Early in the morning and late at night,
I want to be the one he holds tight.
I never knew a dream come true,
Until the day I met someone new.

For Those Left Behind

For Those Left Behind


In the stillness of my room,
I’ll sometimes think of you
And smile.
Picturing your face…you smile
And I wonder:
How you are,
What you are doing,
Do you think of me too?
And do you know
That no matter where you are
Or what you do
In the stillness of some lonely night
You’ll always have this friend
Who fondly thinks of you?