Oppisites Attract?

They say oppisites attract like its a good thing
But do they tell about the hurt or the pain

Two worlds supposed to entwine and make one
But it is hard and not at all fun

The expectations held high by both people
Does not exactly make the sturdist steeple

It requires more give than take
And sometimes involves alot of heartache

But if your strong and can make amend
Then it all works out in the end.

Up And Down

woke up this morning smile on my face,
feeling like a human no longer displaced.
yesterday’s gloom my sleep erased.
looking foward to air , the birds and trees.
feeling so at eased.
at the end of the day I’ll go back and pray on my knees.
Asking that tomorrow be up again, instead of down.

A kiss

A kiss
A kiss is a kiss;
no matter the bliss;
a person may make it a dream.
A kiss is a sign; of love and affection;
a true show of respect and unwritten.
a kiss is so warm;
a real secret treasure;
a kiss that’s untorn;
unmistakable geussture.
a kiss that’s in vain;
is not a real kiss;
but more of a sensual nature.