The Beat Of My Heart

My heart beats for you, if only it’ll come true .
If you would only comfort me , and ease my pain.
I could breathe I would be born again.
With each beat of my heart I yearn for you.
With a few small words and things could of been different……..
And with each beat of my heart I regret losing you.
Each beat brings me pain,reminds me you are not near.
Arms outreached, for you

Loves Him in Her Heart

Loves Him in Her Heart
She has a secret crush she keeps hidden from everyone. 

She’s only told a couple friends, barely more than one. 

He is a boy that she misses because their schools are apart. 

But although he doesn’t know, she loves him in her heart. 

She speaks of him so many times that she drives her friends insane. 

But that’s only because they don’t feel her heart’s pain. 

Even though he pokes her as if he were a dart, 

She’ll  let him keep going, without knowing she loves him in her heart. 

She feels sad when she sees a new girlfriend come his way. 

She just has so many feelings she’d just like to say. 

Even though he plays her as if she were a harp, 

She’ll keep playing, without saying she loves him in her heart.

Never-ending Thoughts

Never-ending Thoughts

My thoughts are many, but fragments;
Each one not making any sense on its own.

Haven’t quite figured out how to put all the pieces together;
Perhaps…no, that would be the easy way out.

Each end looking for a beginning;
Each beginning keeps starting over.

Is it the past merely repeating itself?
Or is it trying to teach a lesson that can’t be learned?

The answer is somewhere between the beginning and the end.

Because the end, ultimately, is death

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