Longing For Home

Longing For Home

Poor and lonely,

That I am.

Homesick for birthplace,

Family and friends.

Children I have,

And love them I can.

But still I am longing for family and friends.

People I see can stand and cheer.

A smile on their faces,

But their hearts are not clear.

I have endured hardships aplenty,

Burdened with many a stone.

But still I long for my birthplace,

My home.

I Wish You Could Understand

 I Wish You Could Understand

I wish you could understand that my feelings for you are true. 

I wish you could understand how the way you treat me hurts so deep. 

How when you push me away and make me feel as if I don’t matter.

I wish you could understand that despite all your faults 

That I will always love you. 

I wish you could understand and see how much you truly mean to me. 

But until you learn to open your heart and let me in fully I guess you’ll just not understand.

Heart Hurts

Heart Hurts

I`ve suffered too much

My heart hurts so bad

So many sacrifices

Too many tears

Just tell me one thing

That you love me

Thats all I ask

Nothing else

I`ve never had a love

I`ve never had a love

I`m worried I won`t ever

You seem too perfect for me

You were my first love

Sweet silence is the thing for me

Anything you like,

I like too I guess you can say I`m obsessed

But my heart hurts because of you