I wait for you in the vast sea,

I’ll forever wait for you to love me.

I swim among the ocean blue,

It’s cold and lonely compared to you.

I wait for you among the stars in space,

Keeping up an erratic and timely pace.

Flying and seeing our universe in the sky,

But without you here with me,

I’d rather die.

I’m a lioness waiting for the kill,

Patiently waiting,

Not showing the chill.

I wait for my treasure to be in my sight,

But if it never comes,

I’ll lose the fight.

I wait for your love wherever it may be

I wait for you in the fields,

The stars,the sea.

The question is not if I’ll wait for you,

But whether or not you’ll wait for me too?

Song of the Phoenix

Song of the Phoenix

Leaping,dancing flames
the light from deep within
The rapture of the soul,
the soaring of the heart
Let our spirits fly, let our
love merge us into one harmony
The twisting, the turning,the fusion
of fire and soul,to die,and thus be
Born anew this very day, the beauty
is burning, the fire is consuming and
Lust begins blooming into the exotic
Flower of Love; its power so mighty, its
Resilience amazing! Rise from the
Ashes of torment and darkness,and hatred
Fly high in the glory of passion and hope!
This is the song of the Phoenix
For Love and the Phoenix are the
Same entity by two different names
With two different faces, both we all know.


Your Gone

Your Gone
I know you’re gone
But, I can’t stop holding on
My mouth is shut I can not speak
The fact that you’re gone makes me weak
Our relationship was getting so strong
It wasn’t worth it it felt so wrong
I miss you and I want you with me
Together we can live like we are supposta be
You wiped all my tears
You held all my fears
I don’t understand why did you have to go
I let you in how can I say no
Do what you got to do
My point is I still love you


Without your smile 

Without your laughter 

It seems I’m at a lost. 

Years go by, 

And nothings the same 

The cost of losing you is too high 

If only their were someone to blame. 

I know I will be with you one day again 

But until then what will I do I’am at a lost. 

I depend on our memories to get me through 

I look at pictures of you and hear your laugh 

And still I’am at a lost. 

Until we are reunited 

Nothing is as good as it could be 

Without you I’m lost.