My Secret Love

My Secret Love

Today our souls met.

Our hearts became one.

We fell so deeply in love.

That we couldn’t stop the feelings.

What started as a simple kiss,

Grew to a passion.

That leaves us wanting more.

Every word we speak

Confers our feelings.

Every touch

Consoles the needs.

Every time we meet

Makes it harder to part.

Leaving an empty space yearning.

You have become an intricate part of my life

. A piece I never want to be without.

What will become of US?

Once we both realize the reality of our feelings.

I will always love you.

The Joy and Sadness of Love

The Joy and Sadness of Love

Fresh flowers raise their sparkling heads

To shake their faces free of dew

A rosy light glows over all

Exciting world, for love is new

The birds in treetops gaily sing

The church bell twinkles as it’s rung

The sun bursts forth


Lovely world, for love is young!

Tired moonbeams limp across the sky

The stars no longer flaunt their gold

The rosy light has turned to blue

Black shadows mourn a love grown cold

In my dark world,

One bright truth shines

Time ever faithful heals all pain

So I with confidence shall wait

Till my broken heart can love again