Lost Bye

Lost By
Without your smile 

Without your laughter 

It seems I’am at a lost. 

Years go by, and nothings the same 

The cost of losing you is too high 

If only their were someone to blame. 

I know I will be with you one day again 

But until then what will I do I’am at a lost. 

I depend on our memories to get me through 

I look at pictures of you and hear your laugh 

And still I’am at a lost. 

Until we are reunited 

Nothing is as good as it could be 

Without you I’am lost.


What are memories,
I hold in my mind?
Videos, photographs,
Un-indexed; easy to find.
All playing in parallel,
So sweetly, as I recall,
All the memories of you dear,
You’ve kept me so enthralled.
Many images of you,
Conjured in my head,
And if I cannot meet you,
I just look there instead.
At all these things of beauty,
Accessed through my heart,
All kept behind my eyes,
Whenever we’re apart.

Nothing is easy, until God makes it easy…

They say with time it gets easier but sometimes it really doesn’t. The realisation of what’s lost becomes more evident. The memories replay over & over. The temporary distractions stop working & the reality of the situation sets in. A big hole. And we as humans need that hole to be filled.  And you know […]



It seems mysterious how our brain works – and how we perform, act, and interact as a result. The brain’s exact storage capacity for memories is difficult to calculate. Things we have seen, heard around us not necessarily practically said, get saved in our brain’s disc. They remain there, though new learning, new words might […]


Five day photo challenge day two , Yellow Rose

The lone  yellow Rose stood in the vase looking like the moon, 

It was but high noon the yellow was a calming mellow color , the silent girl stared at the yellow flower and wished she could turn back time ………

She rememember a happy memory of receiving her first flower and it was a yellow rose.