Broken Love

Broken Love
Infect me with your cancer,
Cure me with your disease.
Rip apart my heart and bleed yourself into me.
Steal away my will,
Tear apart my dreams.
Stitch me up with a smile and pull apart my seams.
Break all my ambitions,
Tatter up my heart.
Steal all my desires and shatter my world apart.
Commit me to your prison,
Label me with a number.
Stab me with the needle and give an endless slumber.
Burn away all my flesh,
Drain my blood to the floor.
Kill me with the love that I don’t want anymore.

17 thoughts on “Broken Love

  1. This poem goes straight to the heart, beautiful and painful at the same time. Filled with so many emotions after I finished reading it. Masha’Allah you are good.

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