Wishing My Father Was Here.

My father has left this earth for eternal life. 

I was only fifteen when he left, 

And didn’t understand that he would never tuck me into bed, 

Say my prayers with me, 

Or ever kiss me goodnight anymore. 

Wishing my father was here to spoil me,

 Guide me, 

And lend me his ear, 

It would be wonderful to have him back. 

The food would just be the begining, the in depth conversations
That we would have would never end because
Of the eleven years we have been separated. 
The day is coming that I will
See my father once again in that special place called heaven.

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown

Sometimes when I’m alone I cry; 

Not because I’m sad, So why?

 It’s as if my soul hurts 

For some unknown cause. 

I’m over come with tears,

 Trying hard to wash away my fears, 

Fears that scare me 

Because I don’t care 

Don’t care for me 

Or anyone else. 

I think I’m going to kill myself.

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes
Birthday wishes are sent to you.
Glad to find you not feeling blue,
Even though you haven’t a clue.
Did you get anything new?
I hope you got your due!
Wishes all year long coming true.
Colors in different hues.
Brilliant, bright and vibrant never to lose.
This is my greatest muse.
Happy Birthday, I love you!

Baby Jake

Baby Jake

Ten little toes,

One little nose.

Five little fingers

In each hand.

They can play

In a baby band.

Two little eyes

On each side,

Left and right.

A lot of little teeth,

They can bite.

Two little hands,

To play Pat-a-Cake.

Next thing you know,

You have baby Jake!