Lost Bye

Lost By
Without your smile 

Without your laughter 

It seems I’am at a lost. 

Years go by, and nothings the same 

The cost of losing you is too high 

If only their were someone to blame. 

I know I will be with you one day again 

But until then what will I do I’am at a lost. 

I depend on our memories to get me through 

I look at pictures of you and hear your laugh 

And still I’am at a lost. 

Until we are reunited 

Nothing is as good as it could be 

Without you I’am lost.

17 thoughts on “Lost Bye

  1. Aww this is so moving. I remember reading a quote once about how when a flower dies, its roots still remain. Likewise, when we lose someone, they may not be physically there any more but they remain with us in every other way.

  2. I am not really a poetry kind of person but this is very moving and I think many can probably relate to your poem.

  3. Your poems make me want to write more — I’m stuck with just short quotes and musings. This poem reminds me of someone lost to death… doesn’t necessarily need to be a lover. I remembered my Grandfather.

  4. Lovely to read this! I’ve written poems a couple of times and they were also published in a local newspaper as well, the nation’s best newspaper!

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