Afraid to Fly

Afraid to Fly

Who’s to say what could be 

When you’re afraid to try. 

Even if you could see 

You still need wings to fly 

Yes there’s a fear of falling 

And landing on your face 

Although you hear a calling 

Is this the time and place? 

Is every chance worth taking? 

There’s only you to know 

Some mistakes are worth making 

They tend to help you grow 

No promises were made you 

And every day’s a chance 

Discover if my hearts true 

Come fly in this romance.



She told me she loved me,

She told me she cared.
She promised to help me,

She said she’d always be around.
I guess she’s a liar,

She’s not here anymore.
I hardly ever see her,

She barely comes back.
It used to hurt and it still does.
But I’ve learned to ignore it,

I shut that pain out.
She cheated me a childhood,

She stole from me my normal life.
She told me a thousand lies,

Left me confused by hypocrisy.
I can never forgive her,

My mother the traitor.

Darkness, All Consuming

Darkness, All Consuming

Alone again in this

I see the peril
Of the darkness.
I watch it and it me.
As it infects and destroys
All that I see, I
Wonder why I just stand

All by myself,
With no one to help me.
It’s only a matter of
Waiting now.

This all consuming
Dark, its everblooming light,
All just for me and my agony to
Share and I make
One last silent cry

As I too am concealed.



You think you’ve got it figured out

But then you’re thrown a curve

It does no good to scream or shout

You hit the brakes and swerve

Then somewhere in the spin you find

Your feet upon the ground

The destination in your mind

Was never where you’re bound

You travel on through day and night

Each step a choice in time

Although there is no perfect sight

We all must make the climb

You know it’s rare to reach the top

Where all your dreams come true

But life worth living does not stop

When there’s a curve or two.