I go to work most everyday

And stay home alone each night.

I wonder if that’s meant to be,

Or if I should just take flight?

To somewhere other than this place

But where, I’d like to know?

Maybe where it’s warmer still,

Or maybe where there’s snow.

I wish I knew that special place

That God meant just for me.

Is it near the mountaintops

Or maybe by the sea?

But then I think if I did go

It might be just the same.

It wouldn’t change the atmosphere

It would only change the name.

So maybe it is not this place,

Maybe it’s just me. S

o I think I’ll look inside myself

And see what I can see.

19 thoughts on “Searching

  1. We can’t change what’s going on around us. We can only start changing what’s going on within us. In search of a change. It’s a beautiful lyrical poem. Loved it.

  2. Reminds of a saying I came across ‘ if you don’t like something CHANGE it ,if you can’t change it then CHANGE the way you think about it”

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