Regretting, Not Forgetting

Regretting, Not Forgetting
You were crying that day

As my train pulled away
I was leaving you dear

Though I wanted to stay
All through the night,

I also cried
Your love for me,

I thought had died

We had a few problems,

You and I
Kisses were forgotten,

I recall with a sigh
Your loving arms around me

Become a memory
My aching heart imagined,

You had grown tired of me
You insisted sweetheart,

It just wasn’t so
But you did nothing to stop me,

You just let me go
A mistake,

I’ll admit,

But I learned a lot too
I should have known,

I’d be lost without you
Love can’t be measured,

By the number of kisses
Just knowing you’re loved is what true bliss is

When I open the door,

And find you’re standing there
I’ll know I’m forgiven,

God has answered my prayer


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