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Surah Al-Ma’ida Ayahs 82 to 120

 The continuation of Surah Al-Ma’ida follows in the same vein as the first part of the surah, detailing issues of dietary law, marriage, and criminal punishments. Further, Muslims are advised to avoid breaking oaths, intoxicants, gambling, sorcery, superstitions, breaking oaths, and hunting in the Sacred Precincts (Makkah) or during pilgrimage. Muslims should write their wills, witnessed by honest people. Believers should also avoid going to excess, making lawful things out to be unlawful. Believers are instructed to obey Allah, and obey the Messenger of Allah.
  • [5:82] The Christians who accepted Islam have been praised by Allah because of them not being arrogant. Arrogance and pride is despised by Allah. It keeps you away from accepting the truth. Abu Jahl went to listen to the Quran and didn’t deny that it was the truth but arrogance kept him from accepting it. Do you see what…

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