Watermelon Slushie

Two Aprons


Freezing watermelon may be my favorite food discovery of the year!  I don’t know how many times I’ve bought a whole watermelon and unless we’re entertaining a crowd, after 3 days of sliced watermelon with dinner we have all hit the wall.  Then I still have at big chunk of watermelon taking up valuable fridge space and after a few days it’s gone off and it’s in the bin.  And have I mentioned how I hate throwing food away?


Well, no more.  Freeze that leftover watermelon (or after tasting this slushie you may start buying watermelon just to freeze it!).  Cut the melon into chunks (I do roughly 1″), place in a zipper freezer bag and lay in the freezer.  Takes at least 4 hours to freeze, overnight is best, and then it’ll keep for at least a month.


The best part about having frozen watermelon is that you can easily whip…

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