Could Depression Be an Allergic Reaction?

Could Depression Be an Allergic Reaction?Most people are still locked into the theory that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain – a shortage of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin that deliver messages from one neuron to another. That explanation works well for public consumption because it’s simple and it makes for great pharmaceutical commercials. But depression is…

Veggie Bean Burgers

Veggie Bean BurgersWritten by Sophie Although I could never be a vegan as I love meat and things like eggs, I do love having the odd meal that is full of veg and things like beans and pulses.  These burgers are so good for you, full of fibre which means they keep you full for ages.  I have […]
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Do not delay when it comes to doing good and righteous deeds..

Striving Muslimah

O Muslim, how many of us desire to have a beard or wear a hijab yet we think “one day when I’m ready or a better Muslim.” Realize this may be Shaytaan as he tries to keep you in delaying good deeds.

You may never consider yourself ever to be ‘ready.’ So give your excuses a black eye and start today! O brothers, have a beard! O sisters, wear your hijab!

Your iman will grow as you will see the fruits of your sincere actions,

In Shaa Allah!

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