223 poem


It’s a shame that the world has to die
like a growing flower in orbit.
The delicate petals like fingers of children
that will be no more.
It’s a shame that the fallen skies
will surround the rivers with dust
and cover the seas like a woolen blanket
which has been torn in the middle
like the heart of a lost soul.
The paper is blotted,
crystal glass is shattered,
the eye of a lion gauged in a gruesome war.
Doves become black as ashes,
the purity of this earth disappeared
as a crow in the dead of night.
People create the worlds nature,
now people are destroying the nature
that creatures created.

Simple Suhoor Ideas



For those who do not know Suhoor is the pre-dawn food that Muslims eat during Ramadan.  This food should therefore be nutritious and filling to help keep people fasting until sunset as full as possible for as long as possible.

So what is best to eat at Suhoor?

Well, my extensive Google searching tells me foods from the following food groups are the best things to eat before a long stint of abstaining from food:

complex carbs(for example lentils, couscous, brown rice, oats, most root vegetables and whole grain foods.)

fibre(for example fruits, oats, vegetables and nuts/seeds.)

protein (for example eggs, yoghurt, fish and chicken.)

water (as much water as you can drink comfortably to keep the body hydrated as long as possible.)

So knowing this information has made it easier to plan for Suhoor food for my husband.  I’m thinking if i can prepare meals with elements…

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Ritu's Fuss Free Cooking


Serve: 4-6


6 Plain Croissants

½ cup Pistachio, coarsely chopped

½ cup Almonds, coarsely chopped

½ cup Raisins

¼ cup Coconut flakes

1 tbsp. Melted Butter

2 cups Warm Milk

½ cup Castor Sugar

1 ½ cups Whipped Cream

2 tbsp. Clotted Cream

Strawberries & raspberries for garnishing

Icing Sugar for dusting, optional


Cut the Croissant in to big chunks or trimmed with scissors and place in the mixing bowl. Add butter and all the nuts. Toss well to mix.

Heat the milk with sugar till sugar dissolved.

Spread the layer of croissant mixture in the DeLonghi Air fryer. Pour the warm milk on the top of it. Set the fryer for medium high for 20 minutes. And cook for 10 minutes. By the time mix cream with clotted cream and pour on the Um Ali. Cook further for 10…

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Ten Ways to Establish Healthier Eating and Lifestyle Habits During Ramadan

Once Upon A Thyme

“Do not make your stomach a graveyard for animals.” -Hazrat Ali AS

Picture this: it is the month of Ramadan, your stomach is growling, and you’ve been fasting for the past 16 hours. The sun is setting so it is finally time to break your fast at the Iftarmeal. And since you are so hungry and overwhelmed by the spread of samosas, bread, fried chicken, and the large display of sweets in front of you, you cannot help but to overindulge in it all. “After all, I do have to fast for 30 entire days…” you reassure yourself.   But by the time Isha (night prayer) andTaraweeh (extra, voluntary prayers) roll around, you’re too fulland lethargic to properly focus on the prayers, leading to guilt, anger, and disappointment in yourself for your unhealthy eating choices and bad habits, which, regrettably, manifest into your…

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Cleaning Month: Ramadan & Purifying One’s Heart

Your Muslim Bro

In the name of Allah, the Lord and Giver of Mercy.

I pray that Allah (SWT) provides me with the hikmah (wisdom) to communicate this, ameen. I think it’s timely that this post came after the previous post discussing ways to effectively spend our Ramadan this year.

Every Ramadan, we want to be better. Every year, we tell ourselves the same thing — “In shaa Allah, I am going to put x hours of my day to reading Qur’an. Every day I am going to watch an hour of Sheikh x’s lecture series on YouTube while taking notes.” And the list goes on, ma shaa Allah.We are going strong for like a day or two — next thing you know, laziness kicks in, and all we do is fast in food and drink then proceed to nap. Why is that?

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “When Ramadan begins, the gates of Jannah are opened, the gates of Hell are…

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