Ramadan Videos For Children

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Ramadan is a time of no T.V. for our family; instead, we learn more about Islam, and this includes getting our children involved in the learning process as well.

I have created a public playlist on YouTube for children in regards to Ramadan, and there are also other playlists for children as well as for adults.

Please take a look and watch these vidoes together as a family.

Here’s the link to my YouTube Channel:



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The Muslimah Mommy’s Tips For Mothers During Ramadan

The Muslimah Mommy


As Muslimah mothers we all lead busy lives, thus making it difficult to take care of our children and to fulfill all of our Islamic duties; however, although it can be a challenge, it is certainly not impossible. What makes it possible to fulfill all of our duties is the assistance from the one and only Allah (Subḥānahu Wa Ta’Ala), for it is Allah (Subḥānahu Wa Ta’Ala) that gives us mothers Sabr (patience).

“And Your Lord said: Call on Me, I will answer you” Quran 40:60

“Remember Me, and I will remember you, give thanks to Me, and reject Me not” Quran 2:152

We have to keep in mind that we all are living different lives from one another under different circumstances. Some of us may be mom’s working full or part-time outside of the house, while some of us are stay at home mom’s…

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How To Raise A Righteous Child

The Muslimah Mommy


Here is my article I wrote for Muslimmoms.ca on ‘How To Raise A Righteous Child’

“By Sumaira Zaheer

Subhan’Allah, as Muslims, we recite the Adhan into the ears of our children as soon as they are born so that the first words they hear are those of Islam. As our children grow up, it is our duty to educate our children about Islam; but we must do so with so with love and kindness. Our goal should be to teach our children about our religion, in a loving matter, and in a way that will create righteous children. Furthermore, our objective should be to show our children that Islam has all the answers, and within Islam you will find peace. The following are five key tips to keep in mind when bringing up our children as righteous Muslims.

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10 Non-Drug Therapies for Depression

10 Non-Drug Therapies for DepressionAccording to the Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression (STAR*D) study, an unbiased investigation funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, at standard doses of the most commonly used class of antidepressants (SSRIs), only 30 percent of people with severe depression achieve remission with the first medication prescribed. Switching to a new drug—and it…

Kul! Shbekia: a Sweet Ramadan Treat

The Farthest West

One of my best friends in town in is moula hlwa, which loosely translated means the sweets lady. Fatima makes and sells sweets, though I wouldn’t call her a baker, since everything she makes is fried. Regardless of her profession, I think of her as moula hlwa because she’s so kind and generous. If nothing else, there’s some poetic irony to the fact that Fatima and I have bonded over a mutual interest in fitness—she’s my running buddy—but she makes her living peddling Moroccan junk food.

My dear friend Fatima--moula hlwa, or the My dear friend Fatima–moula hlwa, or the “sweets lady.”

funnel cake hlwa My favorite variety of shbekia–deep fried and honey filled!

This time of year, unfortunately, we don’t get many runs in. Fatima makes shbekia, a sweet cookie sold year round but traditionally consumed during Ramadan. Shbekia come in several varieties, but the basic idea is they are fried dough (often flavored with almonds, peanuts…

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Tips for Healthy Ramadan Fasting


Healthy Fasting

Assalamu alaykum,

Ramadan is finally here and you are thinking… How do I stay healthy? Well at least I hope you are. If you want to avoid fasting headaches, weight gain and hunger pains read on for some tips on how to stay healthy this Ramadan.

1-Break your fast each evening with a few dates and a glass of water to rehydrate, restore blood sugar levels and stimulate your digestion before eating a full meal.

2-Have a balanced varied Iftar which incorporates soup, salad, a main dish, fruits and a small piece of Ramadan sweet

3-Including protein from meat, fish, legumes, dairy products or nuts in each meal helps keep your energy up.

4-Don’t overeating and excessive of utilization of all delicacies. So, don’t be treating iftar as a feast it’s about your nutrition of body not the calories.

5-For suhoor, the early morning meal, eat complex carbohydrates from vegetables…

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