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“I like that you are happy,” said my husband when I asked him “what do you like that I am doing so I can continue doing that and what don’t you like so I can work on it?” Then I started to tell him WHY I am happy. It was especially important for me to tell him because I have had many “sad” phases after moving to a new country recently. So I told him that I am happy because I don’t feel restricted anymore. I go out on a regular basis, I go boxing once a week, I get to see my new friends without the kids because you are home watching them, I get spa time a couple of time a month and I am sleeping better than I did when my baby used to be in my bed. She used to pinch my lips, put her finger…

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Ramadan activity plan – WEEK 3

Islamic Bedtime Stories


Assalamo ‘alaykum.

Please find below the breakdown of the daily activities I chose for my children for the third week of Ramadan, Insha’Allah.


DAY 1: Mosaic rainbow magnets

DAY 2: We’ll be making Tunisian (or Libyan or Algerian) Tajine. Not the stew cooked in the cone shaped pot, but a very thick frittata with chicken, cheese and all sorts of goodies that should cut in chunky neat squares, masha’Allah.

DAY 3: Today they boys will do some worksheets/colouring from the “Welcome Ramadan”workbook from A Muslim Homeschool (jazakillahu khayran).

DAY 4: DIY Moon Phases Puzzle. I made my own today, I will make a separate post to show how I did it, Insha’Allah. 

DAY 5: Ramadan thoughts worksheet for Yusef. I might ask Bilal to tell me his thought and I can write them down for him… and/or just give him a simpler things…

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Virtues of Ramadan (Authentic Hadith)

Musings of a Muslim

The following are Authentic (Sahih) Hadith attributing the virtues of Ramadan. I am listing the English translation and for some, paraphrasing the Hadith, followed by some brief commentary. Details of the narrators and the location of the hadith is not listed. For anyone interested in that information, refer to the lecture on the Virtues of Ramadan by Sheikh Omar Suleiman at the bottom of the page. Let’s pray that this Ramadan brings us closer to Allah and increases our piety. 

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Prepare for Ramadan

An Nisa Slough

A salaam alay kum. The blessed month of Ramadan is not far away and not only is this a time for prayer and reflection but it is also a  time to thank Allah (SWT) for the many bounties He has bestowed upon us in trust – our health and our bodies being prime examples Alhumdullilah.

Diabetes1For those of us who are diabetic, fasting means taking extra care of our bodies and here are some top tips from Diabetes UK:

Testing your blood glucose levels is important and it does not break the fast. If you have a blood testing meter, test your glucose levels regularly.

  • Talk to your doctor or diabetes team before fasting.
  • Look for signs of hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia and dehydration.
  • Make sure someone you know is aware that you are fasting.
  • Always carry your glucose tablets, glucose gel or a sugary drink in case of a hypo. This…

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