The room is so silent,
The beating of a heart is heard,
The room is so silent,
The ticking of a clock,
Sounds like a nearby bird.

The house is covered
By a silent blanket,
A curse of silence,
Has been poured all over.

The happy times,
Which once occurred here,
Now disappeared into a
frightening atmosphere.

Now the silence has been broken,
The tense feeling has gone,
You think silence is relaxing,
Your wrong!!!

Lentils &Rice (Mdardara)

Zaatar and Quinoa

Whenever my mom is in town I use it as opportunity to learn a new vegan lebanese dish. This time she recommended Mdardara saying it does not get easier than this, and it really doesn’t! Don’t confuse this with the Mjadara which also consists of lentils but is mashed up and uses a different type or lentils. I will leave that recipe for a different post 🙂

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