Reading the Quran: Every Effort Counts!

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Many of you are new to Islam and now that Ramadhan is coming, ensure that you are not at all discouraged when you hear how others have been finishing Juzz after Juzz of the Qura’an, but you have done only a little. Never mind the quantity. The main thing is your Niyyah; the purer your intentions are, the better will be your act and the virtuous will be the rewards in the HereAfter!

I stumbled upon a lady recently, who was a revert and was really trying hard to read and understand the vocabulary of the Quran. For each few Verses she read and understood, she even attempted to note them down, right here on this very platform, hoping that some other Muslims would also benefit from her writings. Subhan Allah! What a great work she was doing, I must say.

I was really very impressed by her actions…

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