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Think & Be Positive


For the month of Ramadan, I have decided to allow my subscribers on WordPress, Facebook & Instagram and whomever else reading this, to download my e-book for free. The purpose of giving it away for free, is to allow others whom haven’t read my book to benefit from it. How will you benefit from it? To see the life you’ve been given as a blessing in a positive light and to get closer to Allah subhana wata’ala and to be thankful for everything you have in your life. The book was written to help uplift others and to encourage people to live their life in a positive way and not bring themselves down, no matter the hardships they are going through. No matter how low they feel about themselves. If you would like to donate money towards the book, you are more than…

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Tawheed (oneness of Allaah-one true God), it’s meaning, types, importance, virtues and Purpose of Our creation

Authentic Knowledge from Quran & Sunnah

TAWHEEDTawheed is the noun derived from the Arabic root verb :وحَّدَ- يوحِّدُ/ (wahhada / yuwahhidu) which means to make something one. This is not accomplished except by a negation and affirmation, both together – negating this characteristic from anything other than the thing which is being singled out, and affirming it to that thing. [1]

  • Table of Contents
  • Linguistic meaning
  • Islamic Meaning
  • Categories of Tawheed
  • Tawheed Ar-Ruboobiyyah
  • Tawheed Al-Asmaa was-Sifaat
  • Tawheed Al-Uloohiyyah
  • Importance
  • Virtues
  • Implications of Tawheed
  • Purpose of creation
  • Reason for sending prophets
  • Reason for revealing books
  • Differentiates between muslim and kafir
  • Cause of peace and contentment
  • First call that we have been commanded
  • Right of Allah over us
  • Cause for entrance into paradise
  • Forgiveness all sins and prevent from fire of hell
  • Dangers of its opposite i.e., Shirk
  • Reasons why Tawheed makes sense
  • Logical interference
  • Uniqueness
  • The Quranic argument
  • Excellence of Tawheed
  • History of Tawheed
  • Tawheed of prophets…

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Bulletproof(butter) Coffee


I am willing to try almost anything once.  When I was pretty into eating Paleo(or similar), I kept coming across references to Bulletproof Coffee.  If you have somehow missed the hipster express and have not yet heard of this substance, here, let me explain it to you.  It’s basically butter and any number of other good-for-you fats dunked into your coffee.  It sounds totally sick, right?  Well it tastes incredibly close to coffee with cream.  And essentially, it is.  The concept is that it gives you energy, focus, and helps curb your appetite.  And it does.  You know, because coffee. And fat.  You could probably get a very similar product from just adding some grassfed cream and a couple hunks of coconut oil to your coffee in the morning, but for whatever reason, this feels like more of a ritual and leaves me feeling less hungry.  It very well…

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Coffee Cravings


I’ve been dying for coffee (see my last post), but not really loving the flavor of a regular cup of joe lately. Instead, I’ve been rotating through these three coffee recipes. They are all equally tasty, but very different.

I have a love/hate relationship with coffee that dates back to my need for caffeine and my insatiable heart burn. Sometimes I kick coffee and other times I could inject it.  I have a love/hate relationship with coffee that dates back to my need for caffeine and my insatiable heart burn. Sometimes I kick coffee and other times I could inject it.

Espresso and Coke

Yes, this sounds disgusting, and caffeine-spiked caffeine isn’t for everyone. But, the buzz you’ll get from this drink is 100% guaranteed. I think the fizzy coffee is interesting, it tastes like a chocolate coke.

1 coke, or diet coke
1 shot espresso, or really strong coffee

Pour soda over ice.
Add espresso slowly. It will bubble and fizz, so be gentle.
Serve in a glass with a straw.
Optional: add in a little vanilla flavoring

Cafe au Lait

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Alhuda, The Quran Club


bismillah2 copy

Sura Al-An’amIt revolves around the most important aspect of Aqeedah which is Tawheed, it continues with a reminder that believers should avoid people who are stubborn and rebellious.  They may seem successful in some areas of this life, but they will receive their due punishment from Allah on the Day of Judgment. Even if they were to see the most incredible of miracles, they would not be convinced of the Truth.

Surah Al An’am Ayahs 111 to 165

  • (6:111) The one who doesn’t wish to be guided and who doesn’t want to accept facts of Deen will never accept them even if he witnesses angels descending from the sky or dead bodies speaking.
  • (6:112)Successand Victory is achieved when you follow the Truth instead of following the majority of people. The people will lead you astray.
  • (6:119) Do not lead people on the wrong path because of your lack…

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