Is the Link Between Serotonin and Depression a Myth?

Is the Link Between Serotonin and Depression a Myth?Do you remember the old Zoloft (Sertraline) ad where the sad egg no longer chases the birdy, and whenever he moves, the thick cloud above follows him? Pfizer did a masterful job of taking a very complex phenomenon and simplifying it down to a concept that two-year-olds can understand. In fact, the visual props made such…

Special Needs Parenting and Having Friends 

It's All About HOPE!!!

Special Needs Parenting and Having Friends

Anyone who is the parent of special needs kids can tell you that finding the time, energy, and balance to also maintain healthy outside relationships is a very difficult task. Sadly, one of the first things to go following a diagnosis is the outside support from friends. You find yourself alone at first, which can be a dark chasm of loneliness.
You may even blame yourself for your friends “abandoning” you. Or, perhaps you skip right to blaming them. I mean, really, if they were true friends they could deal with your new life as a special needs parent. Right? The truth is, it very well could be no fault of anyone. I hate overused sayings, but this one fits… It is what it is.
But why? Why did everything have to change? Well, for one, YOU changed. Your priorities, your focus, your “free…

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The Link Between Chlorine, Candida, and Depression

The Link Between Chlorine, Candida, and DepressionThis blog post is painful for me to write because I have been an avid swimmer since the age of 5, when I took the water wings off and made it to the other side of the pool on my own. As I wrote in my post 10 Things I Do to Beat Depression Every…