Take the Suhoôr and Intention for fasting …. Information need to have to avoid making things difficult for you

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RasooAllah (sallAllahu ‘alyhi wasallam) said:“The difference between our fasting and that of the people of the book is taking the meal of suhoor.” (Saheeh Muslim)

Even taking a cup of water instead of a meal for suhoor has blessing in it, too.
Al-Bukhaari (1921) narrated from Anas that Zayd ibn Thaabit said: “We ate suhoor with the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alyhi wasallam), then he stood up to pray.” I [Anas] said: “How long was there between the adhaan and suhoor?” He said: “As long as it takes to recite FIFTY verses.”
So to fast in Ramadhaan, it is obligatory to make the intention during the night sometime before the arrival of Fajr of the day being intended to fast. A Muslim’s rising up from sleep in the last part of the night and eating the sahoor is an indication of the presence of the intention. It is not required that a…

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The nullifiers of fast

Marhaba Ya Mustafaﷺ

We will discuss the acts nullifying the fast under two categories:

  • Actions that require both Kaffara and Qada.
  • Fast-breaking actions that require Fasting as Qada only.

1. Actions that require both Kaffara and Qada.

It is a sin to break our fast or not fast without an excuse during the month of Ramadan. When we are fasting, if we break the fast knowingly, we must seek forgiveness of Allah due to this sin. As a penalty, we must fast for two months (kaffara) and one additional day to make up the broken fast.

Nullify fasts

2. Fast-breaking actions that require Fasting as Qada only.

Our fast can also be broken accidentally or due to an excuse. In this case, we only fast for those days that we have missed.

Some of the fast-breaking actions that require only qada (without kaffara) include:

Some of the fast-breaking actions that require only qada (without kaffara) include: 1. Eating or drinking does not break the fast if is…

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[E-book] Let’s Talk About Ramadan

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It is important for every Muslim to know and understand that the month of Ramaḍān opens the doors of goodness, and it makes the pathways to Paradise (ꞌAl-Jannah) easy to obtain just as was stated by the Messenger of ꞌAllāh, ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam. ꞌAbū Hurayrah, may ꞌAllāh be pleased with him, reported that the Messenger of ꞌAllāh, ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam said,

“Upon the arrival of Ramaḍān the doors of Paradise are opened, the doors of the Hellfire are closed, and the devils are shackled.”

The people of knowledge have explained “the devils are shackled” with numerous explanations. Some of the scholars say that “the devils are shackled” is a sign that there is no excuse for a person to disobey ꞌAllāh, The Most High. So it is as if it has been said, “the devils have been held back from you, therefore don’t use the devil as an excuse to…

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Shams Tabriz (rahimahullah)’s 40 Rules of Love.

Marhaba Ya Mustafaﷺ

Rule 1

How we see God is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves. If God brings to mind mostly fear and blame, it means there is too much fear and blame welled inside us. If we see God as full of love and compassion, so are we.

Rule 2

The path to the Truth is a labour of the heart, not of the head. Make your heart your primary guide! Not your mind. Meet, challenge and ultimately prevail over your nafs with your heart. Knowing your ego will lead you to the knowledge of God.

Rule 3

You can study God through everything and everyone in the universe, because God is not confined in a mosque, synagogue or church. But if you are still in need of knowing where exactly His abode is, there is only one place to look for him: in the heart of a true…

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How to Remove Acne Scars in Urdu

How to Remove Acne Scars in Urdu Laa Ilaaha IllALLAHUL HALEEMUL KAREEM A very common disease found in youngsters. Acne diseases are generally caused due to hormonal changes in teens. This is generally known as Acne Vulgaris.  This disease occurs when an oily substance ‘Sebum’ clogs pores. Do not worry insha ALLAH we will have…


5 Foods That Help Prevent Stress

Written By Gracie  Stress is so common and everyone will have experienced it at some point in their life, many experience it regularly. Research suggests that stress can make you tired, irritable and angry because of the toxins that are released into your bloodstream, it can also lead to weight gain by slowing your metabolism […]



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bismillah2 copy

Surah Ale Imran, Ayaat (92 to 200)

  • Al Birr (Righteousness)is spending and giving that which you love the mostin the way of Allah. (3:92)
  • Learn submission and humilty from Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) and how he sacrificed his sleep and rest to build the House of Allah. (3:95) (3:97)
  • Love the Bayt-Allah/Ka’abah and perform Hajj once in your life if you are able to do so. (3:97)
  • Spend your whole life in the obedience of Allah and let death meet you while you are in a state of eeman. (3:102)
  • Hold on tightly to the rope of Allah i.e., the Qur’an, be firm on its path altogether as an Ummah and stay away from division. (3:103)
  • Calling people to the Quran, its rules, and to righteous deeds is every Muslim’s duty. (3:104)
  • Allah calls the nation of the Believers the best nation because they enjoin Al-Ma’rûf

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