Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Moonlight sparkling on the fallen snow
Giving the night an awesome glow
All little creatures have to rest
Safely in their cozy nest
Knowing that with the coming of dawn
The countryside will have a perfect white lawn
Little tiny tracks from the snow shoe hare
Might even be some from the big brown bear
Let’s not forget the little wren
And maybe even the turkey hen
All in all what a wondrous sight
When mother nature moves in with all her might.

The battle of Tabuk (and link to the WHOLE WORKBOOK)

Islamic Bedtime Stories

Assalamo ‘aleykum.

Alhamdulillah! I finally got around to finish the workbook Battles of the Prophet! This is the last battle: the battle of Tabuk. May Allah benefit my children and those who use this resource and accept it from me. Ameen.

Click on the image to download

Tabuk pic1

Tabuk pic2

You can find all the chapters of the workbook (including the cover and the 2 parts introduction) in THIS FOLDER, Insha’Allah. Please note they are not in chronological order but in the order I made/uploaded them.

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Marhaba Ya Mustafaﷺ

Islam is a religion that makes our life easier. Allah the Exalted does not hold His subjects responsible of the things they are not capable of. This condition holds for fasting as well. It is a sin not to fast during the month of Ramadan without an excuse. However, in some cases, it is permissible not to fast or break the fast that has   already started. After Ramadan, the fasts that are not performed are repaid as qada as soon as possible.

The following are the conditions that our religion considers valid excuses for not fasting or for breaking the fast in Ramadan:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.55.55 PM

– Excerpt from the book,”My beautiful Religion: According to the Hanafi School”

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Date Balls

Zaatar and Quinoa

My ultimate, all time weakness has always been chocolate, I cannot resist it and cannot have enough of it! So when I started my plant based journey it was key for me to ‘healthify’ (Is that even a word?) my chocolate cravings

I love taking these to Iftars I am invited to, gives everyone a healthier option for dessert.


Also these are great brekky if you are in a rush!

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