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bismillah2 copy

AYAH 255

This juz has a very special ayat known as ayatul kursi which has message of  towheed, then ism azam the names of Allah, the attributes or sifat of Allah subhana wa’talah, every thing belongs to him in skies and earth, He does not get tired so He does not need to sleep, then His knowledge He knows everything present past and future. Nothing is hidden from Him, His kursi extends over skies and earth , guarding the skies and earth does not make Allah subhana wa’talah tired. He is most high, He is most great, and He is the Ever living and Sustainer of all that exist.

He is the Lord (Rabb) why would anyone go to others to fulfill their needs, everything else is His creation, none can create and have ultimate knowledge like Him, they have needs of life like, sleep, hunger. He is eternal while creation ephemeral.

AYAH 261-272


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