Is it ok to breastfeed and fast?

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I asked my sister-in-law (mother to a beautiful 3 month old baby boy) if she was fasting this Ramadan. “Yes, I’m going to try, and see how it goes” she said.

Is that ok? Can women who are nursing their young fast? Won’t this affect the baby?

In accordance with Islamic teachings and tradition, breastfeeding mothers are allowed to be exempt from fasting during the month of Ramadan, in view that they would repay it at a later stage. There are, however, many mothers who may want to fast, but feel that they will be harming their little ones if they choose to.

This got me researching the science behind breastfeeding in those who choose to observe this month of fasting. I had a look at what the literature had to say on this topic; the general make up of breast milk, the affects fasting had on the nutritional value…

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