Prepare for Ramadan

An Nisa Slough

A salaam alay kum. The blessed month of Ramadan is not far away and not only is this a time for prayer and reflection but it is also a  time to thank Allah (SWT) for the many bounties He has bestowed upon us in trust – our health and our bodies being prime examples Alhumdullilah.

Diabetes1For those of us who are diabetic, fasting means taking extra care of our bodies and here are some top tips from Diabetes UK:

Testing your blood glucose levels is important and it does not break the fast. If you have a blood testing meter, test your glucose levels regularly.

  • Talk to your doctor or diabetes team before fasting.
  • Look for signs of hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia and dehydration.
  • Make sure someone you know is aware that you are fasting.
  • Always carry your glucose tablets, glucose gel or a sugary drink in case of a hypo. This…

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