How to Start Reading Al Qu’ran Kerim Without Embarassement

Originally posted on Between Sisters, SVP!: Assalamu Aleikum Dear Bloggers, How many of us were taught many surahs when we were children and the arabic alphabet along without really teaching us the way to actually read them in the Qu’ran? I can say that I am one. Learning the arabic alphabet is like learning how to ride a bicycle;…

[PDF] Concept of gender equality in Islam

As mentioned in a New York Times article on Women’s health: In contrast to the feminist premise that women can do anything men can do, science is demonstrating that women can do some things better, that they have many biological and cognitive advantages over men. Then again, there are some things that women don’t do […]

Five Conditions for Repentance

There are Five Conditions for Repentance: First: Sincerity towards Allaah, the Mighty and Sublime, such that what causes you to repent is not to show-off to people, to gain status with them, or the like among the worldly goals. Second: Expressing remorse for the disobedience. Third: Abstention from it (the sin). And part of abstention […]