How To Guide Children’s Behavior (From an Islamic Perspective) – A Review

I received three free PDFs to review from Author Jameela Ho for my honest opinion. And the verdict is that this collection is a compelling parenting guide. Because I’m also a Love and Relationship Adviser, I think the methods laid out by sister Jameela Ho can also be applied to our marriages insha’Allah. I started […]

6 Sunnah Foods to Incorporate Into Your Diet

Faith and fitness; what do they have in common? I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of connecting our quest for health with our spirituality. This makes out path to wellness much more meaningful and full of remembrance. One way that we can do this, as Muslims, is by incorporating sunnah foods into our diet. Sunnah […]

Persecutions upon Muslims #WhoisMohammad?

PART 8 The mushrikeen (non-believers) leaders of Quraish were not at all pleased by the call of Prophet (peace be upon him), so they came up with a plan. They all gathered at the Ka’abah and called him out to negotiate with them. They said to him: “If you have brought these words seeking wealth, […]