Cheesy Broccoli breadsticks

As you all know I have been doing the low carb diet and finding it is working well for me.  I have found some recipes that are totally awesome some just okay.  This is my take on a recipe I had posted and said I would be trying .


Yes most of my recipes are low carb now that I have had to change how I eat.  I am enjoying the food it is really good and healthy.  I have missed donuts (I know, I know for someone with Type 2 diabetes et al. not a good thing).  I can have my cake and […]

Veggie Chilli wraps with Cheesy Cashew Cream

Written by Sophie I am a meat lover, but recently I wanted to cut down on my meat intake to see if it made a difference to how I felt overall (can’t comment on that at this stage as too early), but anyway….I was craving chilli con carne so this is a veggie/vegan twist!  I […]