Minced Lamb Kebab Curry in Tomato Gravy(Leftover recipe)

Minced Lamb kebab curry in tomato paste: Last weekend we tried some yummy Arabic kebabs from a famous restaurant in Doha( Qatar).. They served us a mixed platter with all their signature Kebabs ..we managed to eat everything other than Lamb kebabs😛😋!! Took the left Lamb Kebabs home thinking I could make some yummy curry […]


Just Another Day

Yesterday was just another day Just another broken dream Just another shattered heart Just another silent wish Just another disconnected thought But, you are more than just another face in the crowd. You are special You have an identity, a voice, A purpose to fulfill. So every time you fall, remember it is, Just another […]


Sound Judgement

History attests to the fact that the Pharaoh, Nimrod, Attila, Alexander, Hulagu and their equals became enemies of all humanity with what they did. In contrast, Mawlana Jalal al-Din al-Rumi (Alaihi Rehma) and similar friends of God who were kneaded with the effusion of revelation, attained ‘sound judgement’ and reached the source of friendship and […]