Watermelon Lemonade With Gingery Ice Cubes

Watermelon Lemonades With Gingery Ice Cubes🍉🍹: Today myself had a craving to drink something really refreshing and exciting!! So why not a lemonade!!?? And ended up my selection process at  watermelon🍉😋!! tried to keep the lemonade a bit gingery and cool!!   made really exciting ice cubes😊!!check out the quick refreshing recipe:


Butter Chicken / “Murgh Makhani”

Butter Chicken / ” Murgh Makhani “: Its sure that i would go for a Butter Chicken along with any bread / Naan if I am eating out!! I am a crazy fan of Butter Chicken😍😋..i think most of us love the same ,isn’t it??? okayyy… So here’s is an easy recipe of Butter chicken which […]


Carrot Lassi

Carrot Lassi( carrot-yogurt drink ): Today when i was about to make carrot juice, this new idea striked me😃!!How about a Lassi instead of the usual juice.. so that’s how i decided to try a new lassi recipe with carrot..it was really a good try.. The result was super yummm.. Lassi is a sweet Indian […]


Pomegranate-Apple Milk Shake

Today here I am coming with a yummy  drink🍹😊!! My blog is literally starving since the beginning of this month😯😞!! Its a very busy month for my family..and we are mostly eating out.. Hope I could post recipes soon regularly as usual😊!! 2 days back i prepared some healthy smoothie for supper so that i […]


Homemade Hummus

Homemade Hummus( my first attempt): i am very happy to share this particular post and the upcoming 1 as well..😃!! Because it was another big wish of mine to prepare a Roasted chicken and hummus just like baking a perfect cake.. And finally that too happened 😂!! Yesterday I made it..the recipe of Roasted Chicken […]


Green Veg Curry With Cashew & Coconut cream

Ever since I tasted Thai dishes,it was a dream to make similar with Indian Spices😋!! Yesterday I did it.. More like Thai Green curry ,but with Indian spices and no Thai Ingredients..   It was a super hit at the dining table for supper along with both chapathi & Rice!!yeah my not so veggie Husband […]


Banana Tiramisu Pudding

First of all, Eid Mubarak to all.. I know it’s late, but still my hearty wishes😊!! Because this Eid , I was not keeping well.. But still managed to prepare all the goodies we used to have during Eid.. So this Eid I introduced a new sweet dish to my family!! Yeah, Tiramisu Pudding with […]


Strawberry Coconut Truffles

Yes…Strawberry-Coconut-Truffles-Dipped in Chocolate 😋!! I was planning to make Strawberry Truffles from past few days.. And finally it was done! I used to make simple coconut truffles, but never tried this combo .. And it was a great try.. We all loved it☺️❤️!! Especially my hubby.. so here is the easiest, quick , effortless dessert […]


One Pot Shredded Chicken Sandwich

Now a days I’m trying some new sandwich and quesadilla recipes for lunch box . All the discoveries mainly depends on 3 factors: 1)what is currently available in my pantry and refrigerator . 2)How easily I can prepare it in busy mornings . 3)And the taste preference of my family. I think all ladies over […]


Kadala Curry( Kerala style Creamy Black Chickpeas Curry )

Chickpeas !! It’s so full of goodness. So here’s a recipe of chickpeas again in the blog after the healthy salad recipe with it.. In Kerala Kadala Curry/ Black chickpeas curry is mainly served as a breakfast curry with ” Appam” and “Puttu”.. Normally I used to make Kadala curry in coconut sauce.. But this […]